5 property websites to research for the right condominium investment in Manila

In this post, we share some of the property websites which we can find information about condominium prices, prevailing rental rates, and other information such is amenities in a particular neighborhood. Listed below are the top 5 go to property website to do research for property investment in Manila.

The difference between gambling and investing is that gambling depends on your luck while investing depends on how much information you have. The success of your investment depends on whether you made an informed decision after analyzing all the correct information.

1. Dotproperty


Dotproperty appears to be the largest property website of the 5. They also have sites for other southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam. One cool feature we noticed immediately is that you can select to view the prices in other currencies such USD, EUR or AUD. This saves the trouble of currency conversion for the foreign investors. Another cool feature is that you can search for specific condominium projects and it will give you some very nifty statistics such as median price and rent for an apartment type as well as the potential rental yield. Again, this is very useful for the foreign investor to gauge the investment potential. The website is huge and will take some practice to navigate all the information available. The listings are abundant but it is difficult to tell how long some of the listings have been up there.

2. Zipmatch


Zipmatch’s website has a very clean interface. The listing are not as many as dotproperty but the one thing we like about Zipmatch is that they place the listing date on every listing. This really help us to see if the prices are recent or from many years ago. The search interface line up 3 in a row on our tablet making it a breeze to compare between several listings. They also have a ranking page that have several best list such as best condominium to invest in Metro Manila.

3. Rentpad


Rentpad only do rental listing making it unique to the rest of the property sites. We think that tenants will be attracted to this website because it only caters to tenants alone. The rental information is divided into neighborhoods, making it easy for tenants to compare prices in a specific location. This laser beam focus means that the rent information obtained here can be very accurate and deserve a special mention for property investors who are researching into rental yield for a particular condominium projects or a particular neighborhood.

4. Hoppler


Hoppler has a transfer cost feature in addition to the usual mortgage calculator which none of the other website we reviewed here offers. This is very useful for investors who are looking to purchase a condominium on the secondary market. The interface for Hoppler is pretty similar to Dotproperty and has the advantage that the listing date is clearly indicated as Zipmatch. The availability status is also clearly indicated.

5. Lamudi


Lamudi has the best neighbour guide among all the other sites. Property investors can research on the amenities in the neighborhood and understand about the potential demand for apartment in the vicinity of specific condominium project. It even go further to describe about future projects and infrastructures. It is certainly worth checking out if only to read about Manila and all that the city can offer.

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